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Adventure Fishing Early Summer: A Ling Of A Tale By: Kevin Scheffer

As things go, most young adults are full of adventure and willing to take some risks.  This was evident in my most recent favorite style of fishing…. shark fishing.   For those of you who have never considered shark fishing from the beach, this is how it goes:

1: Get a crew (3-4) of your good time buddies with a spirit for adventure

2: Spend a couple hundred bucks on a kayak, big Penn reels, heavy line

3: Refer to any fish that is not a shark as a bait fish, even stingrays 5 ft. wide and jack crevelle that are around 3 ft.

4: Make a run down the beach with all of your gear, kayak out huge baits several hundred yards into whatever ocean suits your fancy, sit in the sand and wait to reel in sharks big enough to gobble you up and come back for seconds.

Stuffed Deer Steak

Stuffed Deer Steak

Smothered Dove

Smothered Dove

1.  Rinse doves (6-8 depending on whole birds or breasts only) to remove any pellets and undesirable fat
2.  Split the doves in half and coat with seasoned flour
3.  Brown lightly in oil

Italian Pork Sausage

Kill the piggy

Items Needed
2 lbs pork
Seasonings to taste: salt, pepper, fennel, brown sugar

Southern Fired Bass

Southern Fried Bass

Deep Fried Wild Turkey

Deep-fried Wild Turkey

Model 1911

The most revered pistol of all time.  Truth or Legend?  Is the 1911 platform the best of all time?

Duck Breast With Lemon

Duck Breast with Lemon

Deer Meat Loaf

Deer Meat Loaf

Grilled Cajun Style Gator Tail

Grilled Cajun Style Gator Tail

BBQ Duck

BBQ Duck

Cajun Bass Fillets

Cajun Bass Fillets

Beer Batter Catfish

Beer Batter Catfish

Wild Turkey and Rice

Wild Turkey & Rice

Easy Gourmet Venison

Place all ingredients in a black iron skillet, cover with lid. Cook on low heat. Cook until the steaks are tender. The onion soup mix

Hunting with Kids

Take a kid hunting and they’ll add a new level of suspense to your hunting trip.